Our Impact

Since our founding, we have…

Awarded close to $900,000 In Scholarships
Inspired over 3000 young leaders at our leadership conferences
Impacted over a million students with the Future ACES Creed.

Introducing Future Ace Stories

Some of our programs take youth that have never been outside of Toronto and move them into the wilderness to explore the wilder world. But Aaron Guthrie, a teacher in Thunder Bay and a Future Aces Leader, does the reverse. He brings his students, who come from Treaty 3 and Treaty 9 reserves, to the Big City.


In both cases, we’re creating opportunities for youth across Ontario to broaden their horizons, to meet other children of every race, creed, and religion, to inspire them to set loftier goals, and to have an unforgettably fun experience while doing so.


Thank you Donors

When you donate to the Herbert H. Carnegie Future Aces Foundation, you support initiatives and programs that inspire and assist our children and youth to be the best that they can be. Your generosity helps to spread the Future ACES Philosophy, create leadership opportunities for our young people and provide access to post-secondary education for young leaders across Canada. Thank you for giving.

To find more information on how to give to Future Aces, see our Donate page, send us an email at info@futureaces.org, or call us directly at 416-855-9213.