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Feature Aces are our most inspiring stories – straight from Future Aces team members.



Study: Combined Honours in Human Rights and Transnational Law at Carleton University

Future Plans: Attending American University (Washington D.C.) on exchange after receiving Fullbright Killam Fellowship

“The scholarship had a huge positive impact on her life. It allowed her to focus more on school and volunteering rather than focusing on needing to finance her education. This has enabled her to pursue her passion for social justice and volunteerism.

In the past year Caitlin was President of the Oxfam at Carleton and the Carleton Human Rights Society organizing events on women, refugee and sex workers rights. She continues to volunteer and work with special needs students, spending the past two summers working at Camp Kennebec, a residential summer camp for children and young adults with special needs.

Professionally, Caitlin has worked as a Senate page for the past two years. This has allowed her to gain an invaluable understanding of parliamentary procedure and Canada’s legislative process. As her contract with the Senate ends, Caitlin has begun a new job working as Oxfam Canada’s Learning Event Coordinator. In this position she will be coordinating and attending a Learning Event on Violence Against Women in the Global South in Benin, Africa.

Academically, despite all of her extra-curricular and professional involvement,
Caitlin has been able to maintain an 11.6 GPA (of 12) and has had two papers published in the Carleton University Journal of Legal Studies. “



Study: Completed a Master’s Degree in Social Work

“Since receiving the Future Aces Scholarship in 2011 I have moved on to greater work in serving the community. I obtained a job as a Social Worker in the field of Community Development and went from living in an “at-risk” neighbor to independence in a new community; serving those with disabilities, older adults and newcomers to Canada. I am pursuing my music career as well and will be competing in the YMCA Rep Your Region contest on July 23, 2016.

I am happy to say that Future Aces contributed to my growth and development in helping me as a young person in need of support achieve my goals. Now as a young adult I grateful for the experience of community building in participating in conferences and Future Aces programming and receive financial support to see my dreams materialize.”

Feel free to check out her amazing work at www.daynabrowne.com



Study: Neuroscience and Mental Health (BSc) with a minor in Psychology at Carleton University

“Receiving the Herbert H. Carnegie scholarship contributed to the peace of mind I had about my finances upon entering university and allowed me to get involved on campus and make school a priority.

Over the years, I’ve worked with the Science Student Success Center, Residence Life, Campus Tour Guides and more. Being involved on campus cultivated my passion for student development, leadership, mentoring, and public speaking. It also awarded me with opportunities to develop and grow in these areas. When I finish my 4th year, I plan to pursue a graduate degree in a field that will allow me to continue to make a positive difference and help those around me develop and grow in their talents. “



Study: Undergrad in Biomedical Sciences at University of Calgary

“I am extremely grateful for having received the Future Aces Scholarship Award in 2014. The scholarship has helped me to advance my undergraduate studies in biomedical sciences at the University of Calgary. Since then, I have conducted two summer research projects – last year in gastroenterology, and now in neuroscience.

The scholarship has certainly eased some financial pressure of pursuing these commitments that I am truly passionate for, so that I can dedicate my energy wholeheartedly to my projects. I will continue to carry the values that Future Aces embodies and promotes, and use my skills and abilities to benefit others. I aspire to be a physician scientist in order to deliver health care to patients and also continue to contribute to scientific research. “



Study: Second Year in Biomedical Physiology at Simon Fraser Univeristy

“As someone who is fascinated by the world of medicine, Ruvini aspires to be a pediatrician. Ruvini has been successful in maintaining a fine balance between academic excellence and extensive community engagement. She enjoys working with people of diverse backgrounds, such as being involved with at-risk and refugee youth through her tutoring and mentoring work. She also volunteers for the Fraser Health Crisis Line, where she strives to think critically and work well under pressure. Further, Ruvini continues to volunteer at the Surrey Memorial Hospital’s Pediatric ward, creating a positive, caring environment for the patients. Ruvini is also heavily involved in her school’s medical fraternity, Phi Delta Epsilon, where she holds the position of Philanthropy Chair.

Future Aces has allowed Ruvini to push past financial barriers to achieve her goals. She greatly appreciates the opportunity Future Aces has given her to be a passionate leader and lifelong learner!”



“After having to withdraw a month after I had started university due to an illness, I thought my life would just go downhill from there. I also could not continue my long-distance running commitments for a while, and I thought I had lost my fitness and my competitive edge as well. I just wasn’t sure where my life was headed at all. It was a very frightening position to be in. Having a positive attitude, even in the toughest of situations, much like one of the philosophies from Future Aces (an organization that greatly helped in funding my education), and being optimistic are what carried me through in the hardest of moments.

Almost a year afterwards, I have earned a lot of experience working at a laboratory looking at the effects of e-cigarettes on placenta development. I will now re-start my education at McMaster University in the fall, and I had the opportunity to represent Canada in the 10,000m race in the World Under 20 Track and Field Championships, placing 23rd in the world! It is all about pushing through thick and thin, working hard, learning from mistakes, counting your blessings and, most importantly, never giving up, always looking at the bright side of life.”



Study: Doctor of Medicine (MD), Medical University of Lublin

“In the year 2000, I migrated from Kenya to Canada and am thankful for being awarded Future Aces’ Scholarship. I am a medical doctor by profession and also work for the Royal Canadian Medical Service – 25 Field Ambulance (A branch of the Canadian Armed Forces).

As a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, I have learnt the importance of teamwork, hard work, integrity, courage and developing resiliency. This is similar to the philosophy which I learnt in the Future Aces Creed – a creed that I actively practice every day both in my personal and professional life. I strongly believe that we can all make this world a better place to live in. The power is within us to make this change; it all begins from us. For this reason, I find every opportunity to serve in my community.

My future goal is to become an integral part of medical and peacekeeping missions abroad organized by the Canadian Armed Forces, NATO and/or United Nations.”