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Our Story

The Herbert H. Carnegie Future Aces Foundation was founded in 1987 by Herb Carnegie, his wife Audrey and daughter Bernice.  Its mission is to inspire and assist youth and adults to become the best they can be as responsible, respectful, peaceful, confident and caring citizens.

The Foundation’s message of citizenship is based on the twelve attributes of the Future Aces Philosophy (Creed) created by Dr. Carnegie in 1956.  The creed’s title – FUTURE: always striving; ACE: to be the best you can be, continues to foster hope and propel audiences to action.

For half a century, the Future Aces Creed has been used as a tool to instil ethics, character-building and exemplary citizenship in all areas of the community.   Commencing with the first registered Hockey School in Canada – established by Dr. Carnegie in 1955 – this credo championing Attitude, Cooperation, Example and Sportsmanship affects the lives of more than 100,000 students annually across Ontario.  The credo also supports positive police-community relations through the Future ACES Positive Ticketing program with York Regional and Durham Regional Police Services.

Our Future Aces

Do you remember being a kid, and thinking how you could do absolutely anything? And then the Big, Bad World (we’re pretty sure he wore Blue and White and wore number 28) reality checked you right into the boards?

The Future Aces Foundation keeps those dreams alive, through varied physical and problem solving activities designed to let every youth excel at something. Reinforcing the important childhood lessons: that good behaviour is great, that passion is amazing, and that, if you want to, you can become that astronaut.

The Future Aces Foundation Creed

Written by our founder, Herb Carnegie, the Future Aces Creed serves as the basis for everything we do. It’s our rock, the very foundation of our work and outreach. Over 100,000 students have been impacted by the Creed, and that number is only growing!

Financial Accountability

Transparency is an important part of the way we do what we do. We feel, as an organization that takes pride in the work we do in our schools and communities across Canada, that we should be open in sharing how we manage our resources and where they go.

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Our Staff and Board

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